Sunday, June 04, 2023

I was absolutely blown away by the impact Renewal had on our community at its shabbaton. This was not merely based on the attendance at the melave malka, but what was more astounding was the response they got, both financially and in terms of cheek swab kits, the supply of which, I was told, was exhausted by the end of the night by so many future heroes!

The purpose of the shabbaton was to spread awareness and solicit donations, both monetary and nephrological. The organizers had no idea how many people to expect, both for the Friday night oneg nor for the Saturday night seudat hoda’ah. Every event they held this weekend was full, including the presentations and the shiurim. They hit a homerun!

What is especially impactful to me is Renewal’s purpose. They are shadchanim for both recipient and donor. As a kidney donor prior to Renewal’s founding, I will never forget “The Ask” made by my recipient. His voice was quivering, and I don’t know how people in need of a kidney were able to simply ask someone else for an organ. Now, a patient in need can merely reach out to Renewal—the shadchan.

So many inspirational stories shared this weekend, even among donors, reawakened something inside me. We all need inspiration in our lives, no matter the area. There is illness all around us, and I appreciate the fact that the amazing Adler family was inspired enough to help arrange this incredible weekend in Bergen County and allow this fantastic and vital organization to grow and continually break records.

In the zechut of their spreading more opportunities for hatzalat nefashot, Rabbi Adler and all the people associated with Renewal, recipient and donor alike, should be blessed with arichut yamim.

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