Monday, June 05, 2023

I’m sure many of your readers have heard about the upcoming Project Ezrah dinner on December 9, and I felt a letter to The Jewish Link would be an excellent way to share my personal experience with this wonderful organization. While Project Ezrah is well known for providing financial assistance to those in need, my own experience has been with its employment services and job-training assistance.

My experience at the Genius Bar and the other seminars in Excel and Google tools gave me confidence in what I am doing to be able to walk into interviews and feel I am up to date on my technological skills! After a slew of interviews, I still have no permanent job, but I have a little bit of good news—I am back temporarily for the short term at American Friends of a wonderful organization. They have a bunch of events and year-end financials I am assisting them with. It’s four days a week and I am able to go on any interviews or any time I need to do anything in my job search.

Thank goodness for Jeff Mendelson and and his highly dedicated team with their assistance in my job search. They helped me improve my resume, and offered valuable guidance on interviewing techniques and networking ideas. They’re professional, knowledgeable and have connections within many organizations, whether public, private, Fortune 500 or non-profit. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource in our community.

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