Sunday, June 04, 2023

Working at RYNJ is truly a special experience. You have a chance to see things from the inside that others do not get to see. There is a wonderful connection among staff; we are like family. There is also a special, unique connection between teachers and their students. It’s not really a surprise, but some days you get to see it more than others and sometimes it goes unnoticed.

I would like to share one of these examples with you. On Jan 6, at Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn, there will be a fun event taking place, a table tennis tournament playing for tzedaka, which will be distributed to the local elementary yeshivot. There are many different groups of teams playing. One of the team categories will be comprised of rebbeim and their students. Of course, RYNJ will be represented by a rebbi and his student. OK, so what is so unique, you might ask?

The student wanting to play in the tournament with his rebbi is in second grade.

When his rebbi was approached by his student expressing how much he wanted to play in the tournament with him, the rebbi did not hesitate and made sure to rearrange all his plans for the evening. He eagerly joined in the enthusiasm with his student.

This is a special middah taught by example. How lucky we are to have teachers who are connected to their students both inside and outside the classroom. Their love and connection for their students go above and beyond, putting themselves second and their students first. I guess we are planting seeds that will last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of our children, teaching a lesson that sometimes the needs of others come first.

How very special for me to know the details firsthand. Just thought I would share.

A proud RYNJ staff member
(name withheld up on request)

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