Monday, July 13, 2020

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Your assorted articles in the New Jersey Jewish Link (“U.S. Government Takes New Stance Against Campus Anti-Semitism,” October 4, 2018 and “A Textbook Case of Hatred,” October 4, 2018) concerning rising anti-Semitism in Europe and US universities missed the main reason the world still singles out the Jews.

We’re pushovers. Ironically, lots of Jews stick up for other people.

In your latest issue, Diaspora Jews run to officials at Columbia, Rutgers and localities. For all your lengthy, lengthy writing, you don’t liken it to the little kid running to the teacher.

Plenty of non-Israeli Jews admit that we’re really passive. Plenty of non-Jews see it that way.

Jewish publications should point out that Jews must counter-protest, seriously. When we see a sign, “Free Palestine!” and “Israel Is Apartheid,” put up a big poster nearby.

“Most Islamic nations ban Jews, harass Christians and kill gays!”

“Our latest terror hits were not Jewish!”

“Microsoft, Google, Yahoo have research facilities in Israel. Not Islamic nations.”

And yes, get ready for a fist fight.

With the rise of the Nazis in the early 1930s, German-Jews failed to remind their countrymen that they gladly fought for the Kaiser. Made up 20 percent of their inventors. Also hurt in the Great Depression.

The result of that past silence? At least in good part? Hitler came to power.

Today, Jew-haters still run circles around us.

Adam Sternglass