Saturday, July 11, 2020

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With election day hard upon us, [it is] time to stop procrastinating and start making choices. All the campaigns for offices have been hard at it for months trashing each other. There is one that suddenly appeared on the ballot, that of the office of Bergen County Sheriff.

Making the choice difficult is the fact that there are several qualified candidates. Making that choice easier is that one stands out above the rest. Anthony has been a long-standing friend of the Jewish community.

Anthony Cureton has thrown his hat in the ring and would bring the stability and diversity to the office that is sorely needed. Anthony has been a law-enforcement professional for decades, serving the City of Englewood as a police officer. He is the only candidate on the ballot who knows the inner workings of the sheriff’s department and can hit the ground running without the need for a period of acclimation.

He’s been active in community organizations and has earned the respect of all those  he has dealt with. The choice should be an easy one. Anthony Cureton will be a sheriff for all the people and a top-tier professional in the position.

Bob Nesoff
New Milford