Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Touched by your article about your son, Zev, (“Where Will Our Child Live?” October 18, 2018) we were reminded of an experience we had in the past during a visit to Arad. In what had been an immigrant absorption center, we observed a group of young adults, physically and otherwise challenged, having breakfast and playing games with people who appeared to be their helpers.

Then, suddenly, all of the young people boarded a bus, which promptly departed. Upon inquiry we were told that they were on their way to an Intel plant, where they were employed part-time to do work they were capable of and for which they were paid.

Much impressed, we thereafter tried to share this with the media here in the States in the hope that it might lead to duplication, Alas, as far as we know, it wasn’t reported.

We are bringing it to your attention for this same reason.


With best wishes to you and your family and, especially, Zev.

Miriam and Dave Krakow