Saturday, June 06, 2020

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Mr. Wisotsky is such a hardcore ideologue that he twists an uplifting story of a young lady performing a mitzvah (“Preteen’s Chesed Gives Hope for Future,” January 24, 2019) into a platform for his right-wing extremism. His rant was against millennials and progressive liberals expecting something for nothing. Let’s review: We live in a time where the White House administration is replete with grifters, pathological liars, perjurers, sexual predators, bottom feeders and assorted felons. There is a rigged economy (static economic mobility, wages adjusted for inflation that continue to decrease over the last 50 years) and a corrupt political system that guarantees power despite huge numbers in the popular vote, through extreme gerrymandering and voter suppression. Secretary Ross basically tells hungry families to “let them eat cake.” The unindicted co-conspirator-in-chief wonders why unpaid workers can’t simply run up a tab at ShopRite. Does anyone wonder why there is pushback?! Rational thought and evidence-based decision-making are demanded, not Mr. Wisotsky’s delusional bloviation. I leave you with the catchphrases of the moment. “Mexico will pay for the wall!” “The tax cut will pay for itself” and, finally, from the great and all-powerful Oz, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Earl Sandor