Thursday, May 28, 2020

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I too am sorry for your loss. I think you have missed the point about Marijuana (“Legalizing Marijuana: The Follow-Up” July 18, 2019). You seem to be in denial about the reality that the majority of adults who consume it are doing so moderately and responsibly, like any other product or service. We should educate the youth and, in fact, many recent studies show a decrease in youth use in legal states. There is a lot of propaganda and fear-mongering, especially the book that your letter writer mentioned. There is also much evidence showing the efficacy of Marijuana as an exit drug from opioids, hard drugs, and alcohol abuse.

People will continue to get benefit from it, and we should not relegate them to an illegal market. It’s not about money for the millions of consumers, as many are willing to pay more for a legal, tested product. The organizations the letter writer mentioned, like “Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)” have, as their board members, businessmen who profit from prohibition—in industries like drug testing, forced rehab, jails, etc.

We should acknowledge that it’s not for everyone, but for those tens of millions who do gain benefit they should not face arrest when buying in an illegal market, or worse.

Prohibition has not worked and should be ended.

Bertha Massoffi