Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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The Obama nuclear deal with Iran provided that nation with billions of dollars. Unfortunately, that money was not used to improve the lives of its citizens, millions of whom are living in increasing poverty. This poverty is caused by a badly managed economy which is made even worse by U.S. sanctions. These sanctions are geared to prevent Iran increasing its military spending.

Unfortunately, Iran is still spending its limited money on its military capabilities and those of its terror group allies. Iranian civilian hardships continue to get worse. An example of Iranian military spending is a very special, eight-ton piece of machinery used for the production of solid fuel propellant for precision-guided missiles This machine was manufactured in Iran and is used for its ballistic missile industry but was transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. Recently this machine was the target of a drone strike.

What concerns Saudi Arabia is that Iran may also have succeeded in delivering similar equipment to the Houthis in Yemen. This is because of the dramatic improvement of the Houthi rebels’ capabilities to launch missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Solid propellants improve missile range and payload capability. Iran is focused on providing longer-range and sophisticated missiles to its allies in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon. Even within its own arsenal, Iran is making the switch from liquid fuel to solid-fueled weapons.

I believe most Iranians would rather have prosperity, adequate food and peace rather than funding terrorism and conflict. If the people could vote in a free election, they would vote to end the support of terrorism.

President Trump deserves credit for implementing these sanctions, without which Iran would be even more dangerous.

Arthur Horn
Fort Lee