Monday, July 13, 2020

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Thank you for addressing a serious issue in our community (“Dangerous Simchas,” October 31, 2019). I recently went to a concert on Chol Hamoed and the workers at the concert hall said that the Jewish concerts are much, much louder than the non-Jewish rock concerts. Why are we doing this to our children? I see infants at these concerts with no protective covering. I have sat outside at simchas due to the volume, and both at concerts and at weddings I have brought ear plugs for the adults and headphones from the Musical Ears Gemach. Why can’t the music be lowered? At our wedding we told our band that we didn’t want it too loud and of course they respected our wishes because we held the money! Do baalei simchas really want it to be louder? I went to one wedding that had tiny drawstring bags on the tables, each with a pair of earplugs for the guests. Why is this even necessary? Turn down the volume!

Miriam Rosenfeld