Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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December 30, church shooting; December 28, synagogue stabbing; December 11, Jewish store shooting; the list goes on. Day by day people suffer because of what they believe in or who they have faith in. As the stories tell us for now, we’ve been pretty lucky. The December 11 Jersey City shooting was supposed to be a bombing of the entire building, though a detective found the terrorists before they were able to detonate. Now luck can be a complicated word. The bottom line is that we’ve lost eight people and have about a dozen injured. However, these results compared to the results the terrorists had in mind are lucky. The Texas church shooting could have been involved with about 240 deaths. Fortunately, there were people around who were armed. Even luckier, they took action straight away before any massive damage. Last year, April 27, a man armed with a rifle entered a synagogue in California and had the chance to kill 100 people. He killed one person and injured two. Before he could do massive damage, a man who had just joined the synagogue was a security guard. Not only did he scare him off, but he also caught him and put him to jail. If this happened a month before, then the man who saved everyone wouldn’t have joined the synagogue yet and 100 people would have died. Luck is on our side for now; however, it shouldn’t be what we depend on.

Why are we depending on luck? Why aren’t we taking action? Are we supposed to wait until we don’t get lucky and lose hundreds of people? An attack can happen once in a while; sadly, accidents happen. This shouldn’t happen every week. We have had three attacks in the last three weeks. Now when we hear from the police their answer to this is: “We are trying.” Trying what, exactly? Because the police have one job and that is to follow the first amendment, which states clearly that anyone and everyone can practice any religion they want and are free to believe what they want. If the people won’t let that happen then the police have to. Many people will say it’s the fault of people who sell guns, but it says in the constitution, “the freedom to bear arms.” People who have guns are under the rule that they may only use guns for defense. Killing innocent people for believing in something different is not defense. This has been proven by many people that this is an ongoing problem. President Donald Trump has spoken about this topic. Reporters have expressed the fact that this isn’t stopping. So it’s time to take action. People have done their job, it’s time the police do the same.

Police have one job; however, it covers a lot of ground. They have to know at what time to be in the area, how to organize security, how to do this security while following the religious people’s rituals etc. These steps are hard but doable. The police need a schedule of the timing. They can ask for one or ask a member what times they meet. For now, it’s easy; this part many officers have done. The part that has caused most of the deaths is that people aren’t checked for arms. Officers say their plan is to be there and when there is a problem to go to the scene of the crime. However, by the time they find the area and arrive there, there could be as many as 15 casualties if there was a gun. A bomb could be much worse. So after checking the date, making sure the people who enter won’t cause harm to the area. Even after that, there should be another step which is that the police officers should be in the building so that way if something happens they are on site. The other problem of this I like to call offer and demand. Many people need the police, but sadly there isn’t always enough, sometimes the police have to be in a more serious situation. So if these terrorists’ plans aren’t serious I don’t know what is.

This isn’t a topic that should be forgotten. It’s still fixable but it won’t be long until these attacks become a global crisis. If we review the facts and see the plans of these terrorists. If we check how many people have tried to do mass damage we could have had one-third as many casualties this year as 9/11. I hope this proves to the world that this has become a problem. Yes, I agree, the security has improved but not to where we can be at the level to say that religious people are safe to do their rituals comfortably. We need to make people comfortable to complete the First Amendment law. People say that this crisis is at its peak but when we don’t get lucky then it will be at its peak. We still have time, but not a lot. Stopping this won’t be easy but it is possible. If we don’t stop this crisis and let it continue, the result will be beyond our imagination. These attacks are in the past and if we don’t learn from the past, we can’t fix for the future.

Joshua T.
BPY student