Friday, September 18, 2020

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I am not one to jump on every newspaper error and criticize. But whoever wrote the article (“From Latin Crosses to Jewish Stars of David,” March 5, 2020) made so many mistakes in just a few paragraphs, that for the sake of the men who have spent hours and days and months organizing the events, I must speak up.

The ABMC did not work in coordination with Operation Benjamin. It is the other way around. Operation Benjamin organized everything and ABMC gave their consent subsequently upon being requested.

The wrong headstones were not errors. Nobody made these errors 75 years ago. These were soldiers, sailors and airmen who were buried without their religion being known.

This was not a discovery project. Operation Benjamin looked in cemeteries all over the world for Jewish-sounding names.


The ceremony in Manila was not the “first of its kind.” It was only the first in the Philippines. Other similar ceremonies took place in Europe previously.

Relatives did not make inquiries to ABMC at any time. Relatives knew nothing about this until they were approached by Operation Benjamin.

Operation Benjamin does not support ABMC in this project. Operation Benjamin started this project on their own and is able to carry it to fruition with the cooperation and consent of ABMC.

I think you owe it to the organizers of Operation Benjamin to print a correction.

Norbert Strauss