Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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There is a lot wrong with Washington these days. There has always been a lot wrong with Washington. But the biggest historical and contemporary problem is the rancor of partisan politics. The two-party system is not at fault. It enables honest debate and protects minority positions. But when it evolves into destructive logger jams, nothing gets done. Indeed, our nation’s most successful, proudest, productive moments came when officials on both sides of the aisle came together to effectuate change. Everyone knows this. Only the most extremist on either side continue to advance their own agendas regardless of a national consensus.

Enter Congressman Josh Gottheimer. He took a district well known for partisan bickering, known for losing its voice in a gulf of angry divisiveness, and did something almost unheard of—he reached across the aisle to get things done. He is not afraid to anger party loyalists and is always willing to sacrifice partisanship for results. You may not agree with him on every issue. But he is literally doing what every reasonable American wants—quietly bringing the country together and getting things done. We saw what happened when party politics encountered 9/11 relief, economic stimulus and Corona response! We declared: “Why can’t you work together?” Josh responded to the call. I don’t even know who is running against him but if they join his philosophical approach, I don’t need them. If they reject it, I don’t want them. Here is the bottom line: Say what you want but Josh seems to spend every waking minute fighting for New Jersey. He isn’t bound by polls, politics or special interests. He just wants to improve your life. The folks who want to fight are never going to make a difference. They say you get the government you deserve. We deserve Josh Gottheimer, now more than ever.

Nathaniel Ari Weisbrot, Esq.
New Milford