Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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Israel has always been a sacred place for me. As a Jewish American living in the fifth district, I realize the importance of both the relationship between Israel and the U.S., as well as having representatives in Congress who support a strong Israeli-American bond. As a voter, a main issue for me is how my representative will act to support this bond.

Not only is Israel a safe haven for democracy in the Middle East, it is also a devoted ally to the U.S. This connection is one built on strength, unity and prosperity. Furthermore, this unification has been beneficial to both parties.

In our modern day political landscape, different factors come into play when choosing a candidate to support. However, as resident of Bergen County, the candidate who has continued the tradition of supporting a strong relationship with Israel is our current Congressman, Josh Gottheimer.

During November of 2019, there was a string of horrifying attacks against Israel. Despite a negotiated ceasefire, 450 missiles were launched toward Israeli communities. I was nervous about how the U.S. government would respond to Israel. However, Congressman Gottheimer introduced a resolution in Congress to condemn these attacks on Israel. This legislation was approved with bipartisan support. His ability to work with all members of Congress displays unique leadership.

When going to vote, I know that Congressman Gottheimer will prioritize this crucial relationship.

Asher Brenner
Bergen County