Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful “BPY Graduating Thespians” (“A Letter of Thanks From BPY’s Graduating Thespians,” June 18, 2020) that I had the privilege to teach and coach on- and offstage for so many years now.

Ariella, Aviva, Ayala, Jacqui, Judah and Reiut, anything I did was even more a labor of love thanks to your beautiful midot and enthusiasm to contribute of yourselves to our ensembles during our time together. May you continue to grow and expand your talents and that which makes each of you special, and find meaningful ways to express it both on and off the stage.

I’m also grateful to BPY for having the insight to bring in Rebecca Lopkin’s Envision Theater to produce so many wonderful shows that were packed with growthful experiences for so many. It’s again, my privilege, to be a part of these programs and to work with such caring educators and directors as Rebecca and Beth Selter.

Thank you, Jewish Link, for sharing their words with the community.

Nathan Kruman