Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Thank you for your recent article celebrating Mr. Joel Glazer’s retirement from my alma mater, Bruriah High School (class of ’93) (“Celebrating My Dad’s Retirement From Bruriah High School and Teaching” August 26, 2020). I count myself among the many students who call Mr. Glazer one of the best teachers I ever had. His unorthodox teaching methods—no note taking other than one designated secretary, lots of audio visual aids, having the students teach much of the material to one another through creative projects—suited me perfectly. I often tell the story of what I consider Mr. Glazer’s finest teaching moment, and it seems appropriate to share during this nutty election year. It was June, the end of the school year was near, and we had just finished the 1970s in the course material. Mr. Glazer rolled in the beloved AV cart, with its boxy television and VCR, and popped in a tape. He told us we were about to watch a promotional video from Ronald Regan’s 1980 presidential campaign. The ad began in dull black and white, with dour scenes of a depressed, downtrodden, blighted 1970s America. Then, in glorious color, Ronald Regan emerged as savior, with promises of a better, brighter, safer and prosperous future. When the video ended Mr. Glazer turned to the class and said, “And that is all you need to know about the 1980s,” and we moved along to the ‘90s. It was the ultimate mic drop moment, and so quintessential Mr. Glazer. Congratulations, Mr. Glazer, on a truly remarkable career!

Dina Bogner Heiss