Saturday, October 31, 2020

In the recent issue of your newspaper you posted several letters to the editor all signed “names withheld upon request.” (“What Are You Doing to Protect Others?”; “Protecting Ourselves Should Not Mean Embarrassing Others,” September 24, 2020). There are a few things that I think we can all agree on. It has been difficult for everyone these last few months and there is really more unknown about this virus than known.

According to the latest CDC guidelines (cdc.gov), unless you are going to have prolonged contact with someone in an enclosed setting the chances of being exposed is limited. Passing someone on the open outdoor public street is not going to give you the virus. If you feel differently that’s OK, stay comfortably in your home till this is over.

If you have a degree in virology, please don’t shy away about telling everyone the science behind your opinion and who you are. Ultimately, a letter to the editor is just tha—your opinion. In general, my belief is that if you feel the need to address the public, don’t shy away from giving your name; otherwise, you are just feeding into the general media hysteria as another unknown with unknown sources.

Shmuel Jacoby