Wednesday, January 27, 2021

After reading the advertisement on page 16 of your last issue (October 1, 2020), we realized that not only did we disagree with the content but that we have a tremendous amount of hakarat hatov (gratitude) to our rabbinic leaders, our heads of school and our communal lay leadership. They are making decisions for us and our children with the best information available that is constantly changing. Utilizing halachic precedent, advice from our medical panels and siyata d’shmaya (divine guidance), they are guiding us through unprecedented times. If you feel the same as we do, we encourage everyone to reach out to our communal leadership to thank them for their efforts in keeping us safe as individuals and as a community. We should let them know how many of us there are who support them. We hope and pray that they continue to lead us through this difficult time and continue to make the correct decisions for us and the entire community.

Jen and Simmy Friedman