Friday, January 22, 2021

This is a couple weeks late, but my family and I just wanted to give you props for having the absolute nerve to make a Jewish “Where’s Waldo”-themed crossword puzzle, that appeared in the paper a couple weeks ago. That’s just so niche a subject for a specifically Jewish crossword puzzle, it was equally hilarious and infuriating (speaking as a family that does not know much about Where’s Waldo side characters). We loved it, so nice job.

Also, thanks for publishing these puzzles (Yoni Glatt's Kosher Crossword, see this week's on page 75) in the first place; my family always does the one that came a week prior at the Shabbat table so that when we’re done guessing we can immediately look at that week’s paper for the answers. We aren’t that patient.

Meir B.