Saturday, May 15, 2021

We recently were at the unveiling of our sister, Linda Schiffman, a”h. Many people spoke about the extraordinary wife, mother and sister that Linda was and that was an understatement. But Linda was a stellar sister-in-law, aunt and great-aunt. My husband and I looked forward to her exuberance at every simcha and her passion at every family member’s good news.

Linda’s matzeivah clearly states: “Rodef shalom, ohev shalom.” She wanted peace among friends and family. In her soft-spoken manner, her strength knew no bounds. She possessed inner and outer beauty and her mitzvot, chesed and tzedaka paved the way for us all to learn from.

We are a better family for having had Linda as a sister-in-law, aunt and great aunt. May your neshama have an aliyah Linda—you were a true tzedekes who was a role model that set the bar way too high to reach.

Phil and Miriam Schiffman and Family