Tuesday, April 20, 2021

When someone tells you they are hurting, it is important to listen. That’s basic human empathy. And when someone gives you ways to show support and foster healing, if you care, then you follow their lead.

Currently, the Black community in Teaneck, especially the young people, seek to make the Black Lives Matter mural across from the Rodda Center permanent. Just last week, the Teaneck Youth Initiative wrote a letter to this publication, asking for support from the Jewish community. In an inspiring plea that sought to allay concerns over the messaging of BLM and unite our whole community, this group of young Black people reached out to all of us.

If this mural is something the Black community finds healing, then it is something we must support. We have a unique opportunity to demonstrate our love for our neighbors in a way that costs us so little. I urge my fellow Teaneck residents to join me in petitioning for the permanency of the BLM mural.

To sign the petition, please go to: https://tinyurl.com/2vhd5b4s

Adina Kastner