Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Yes, I am related to The Jewish Link publisher so one can argue that I am biased, but this past week’s Jewish Link was so packed with examples of the goodness of the Jewish people that I found myself frequently moved to tears. Hunger drives, matchmaking for those with medical conditions, fertility summits, loving tributes to those who have passed, Chevra Kadisha support, Jewish feminism conferences, support for addiction, Sinai stories, deep Torah study by busy laymen and Torah leaders of all ages and stripes, business networking, bikur cholim, free loans, creative schools and even more creative chesed locally and in Israel, clever businesses helping each other and their target markets.

I couldn’t help but feel moved with almost every turn of the page. It is certain that Hashem is looking down upon us with pride and joy at all this loving, energetic work and how fortunate are we to have a newspaper that presents the goodness of its community in its wonderful way!

With gratitude and pride,

Dr. Rayzel Yaish