Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I am haunted by the description of high school acceptance described by Yaffa Sheva Klein in last week’s Link, “The Choices We Make and Those That Are Made for Us” (March 18, 2021).

What would the Chafetz Chaim say? What would the Rebbe say? Where is the chesed, love and respect for all Jews? How to tell a 12-year-old that they are undesirable and rejected by all schools?

Years ago I mentioned to another woman that a teenager we knew was going to study in Israel at a yeshiva. She responded: “But that’s not a good girl yeshiva. It’s not a bad girl yeshiva, but it’s a ‘not so good girl’ yeshiva.”

How many judgmental slices and margins will supposedly Torah-learned people create? What’s the point? If there is no room, just open more schools. I hope that the people who created and are perpetuating this horrible system will wake up and realize they are hurting their children. The whole magazine is people expressing their love of Torah and Halachic life. So embrace, not reject, your children.

Nancy Perl
West Orange