Sunday, May 16, 2021

Yesterday was a very special day in the Teaneck community, as the blood drive for “Do it for Shira” was held. I’ve donated blood countless times over my life, in many places, venues and for different causes. Being a new transplant to Teaneck from Monsey, it’s been a very unusual and somewhat lonely year. But you Teaneck residents really know how to come out for your fellow Teaneck friends. I had an appointment to donate, but because of the number of people lining up, there was a long wait. I didn’t mind waiting. People of all ages and from different parts of the Jewish spectrum were there. Lots of volunteers of all ages were there to lend a hand. It was so heartwarming to see people taking their time to “Do it for Shira.” My husband and I have not met many people since we moved here because of COVID, but it is plain to see the caliber of the people here in Teaneck.

May Hashem grant Shira a refuah shelaima in the zechut of all those who donated.

Lydia Isak