Sunday, May 16, 2021

Regarding Dr. Scott David Lippe’s letter in last week’s issue, “Instability in Jordan Is Not Bad News for Israel” (April 15, 2021), his points are one way to look at the Palestinian Arab presence in Jordan. However, Lippe fails to acknowledge what has become apparent to anyone willing to listen to what the Arabs, including the Palestinians, have made clear since before Israel and Jordan were sovereign states: The Arab-Israeli conflict has nothing to do with a homeland for a fake nation created out of thin air in 1964. It is now, and has always been, about the national rights of the Jewish Nation in their ancestral homeland. It’s in their name: The Palestine Liberation Organization. It was created to “liberate” Eretz Israel from the Jews, to eliminate any Jewish claim on or presence in the land. No compromise on this goal has ever been a realistic possibility.

Once one understands this obvious truth, what happens in Jordan is only relevant in terms of what it means for Israel’s security. It’s hard to like the Jordanian monarchy, but at least it poses no serious military threat to Israel, nor does it fund proxy armies to fight Israel like other Middle East countries. I do not think that would be the case if the Palestinian Arabs took control of Jordan.

Phillip Slepian