Friday, June 18, 2021

I’ve been fortunate over a short period of time to get a bird’s-eye view into the wealthy personalities who keep Klal Yisroel going. There are common denominators amongst all of them, which is beautiful to see.

One key factor they all share is that family comes first. The head of household, like a hawk, has his eyes on his parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren if there are any. He showers each with unparalleled love and treats each like a prince and princess. The wives of these baal habatim are involved in chesed on a 24-hour basis. It defines who they are.

Second, they are all well-versed in Torah. It’s their life on a personal level. It defines them and offers them the mandate to follow.

Third, they all have close friends. They all have dynamic personalities and their friends cherish them.

Fourth, their humility is unprecedented. They hold no airs about themselves and carry themselves like any other person.

Fifth, the business that generates the wealth is viewed simply as a business that is a tool to generate the income that keeps institutions and organizations going. It’s just something they do, but it doesn’t define them.

Sixth, they are all beloved by the community. They’re warm and friendly to everyone and do things in quiet ways.

Such are the majestic lives of those who keep Klal Yisroel going. It’s no coincidence that God entrusts them with His money.

Steven Genack
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