Monday, June 14, 2021

Many Jews lament the fact that the bipartisan consensus on Israel has been broken by the Democrats. It is spearheaded by the “squad” and Bernie Sanders, and joined by those who pay lip service for Israel support but fail to arrest the sharp left, anti-Israel tilt of their party. Yet despite this, most Jews continue to overwhelmingly vote Democratic. They still blame Trump for all the world’s ills although he is no longer in the picture and never really had anything to do with either their past or present blind allegiance to the Democratic party.

What’s missing from these battles which both the Jewish Democratic supporters and critics are fighting, is the last 90 years of American history, and the perspective that has to be faced when discussing this issue. It started with Franklin Roosevelt who became the most beloved American president in modern history by the Jews, and was revered almost as a saint. This, in spite of the incontrovertible evidence that Roosevelt himself never expressed any particular love, admiration or respect for Jews, and his policies before and during the war helped contribute to the death of millions of Jews in Europe. Before the war, his immigration policies and actions, like sending the SS St. Louis with its Jewish passengers back to Europe, doomed so many trying to escape. And during the war, he never lifted a finger to help reduce the slaughter during the Holocaust.

In spite of all this, Roosevelt’s legacy continues, and the Democratic party is still the overwhelming choice among Jews. In recent years, the same pattern is in evidence. Barack Hussein Obama was adored by Jews, in spite of the fact that he and his Democratic administration openly exhibited contempt and disdain for Israel and its leaders, and supported its hostile enemy Iran. Today, the Democratic administration, led by the “squad” and Bernie Sanders, has become even more hostile, as evidenced by their introduction of resolutions to block the sale of weapons to Israel during this crisis, reopening the PLO consulate in Jerusalem, reopening nuclear treaty talks with Iran, resuming aid to Hamas in Gaza and more.

Blind party obedience is very hard to overcome.

Max Wisotsky
Highland Park
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