Monday, July 26, 2021

My friend Max Wisotsky wants American Jews to stop supporting the Democratic party (“The Choice for American Jews to Stop Supporting the Democratic Party Should Be Simple” July 1, 2021). Painting with a broad brush, he asserts: “Barack Obama was adored by Jews, in spite of the fact that he and his Democratic administration openly exhibited contempt and disdain for Israel and its leaders, and supported its sworn enemy Iran. Today the Democratic administration led by ‘the squad’ and Bernie Sanders has become even more hostile.”

It is absurd to assert that four of 220 Democrat representatives, or 1 of 50 Democrat senators lead the party or represent the party’s view—especially in light of the leadership in both Congress and the White House. It would be equally absurd to paint the Republican Party with such luminaries as Lauren Bogart, Marjorie Taylor Greene or Rand Paul—or for that matter, Donald Trump.

Although I am a registered Democrat, I have historically voted for the best candidate, regardless of party. Growing up in Cleveland, I always voted for Frances Payne Bolton (R) for Congress—she was the best candidate and a fine representative. Here in Northern New Jersey we have an excellent group of incumbents—all Democrats, by the way.

Carl Singer
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