Thursday, October 06, 2022

As a lover of Israel (35+ visits, support of Israel and Israeli organizations, etc.), I was pleased to see that your July 1 issue had a full page analysis by Alex Grobman, PhD, addressing the question “Did Jews Steal Arab Land?”

He starts with the accusation made by Professor Said that Zionists stole Arab land, and notes that it has been repeated by many others. Dr. Grobman refers to this claim as a “fabrication,” and I looked forward to reading his refutation. But I was disappointed.

The analysis very well documents that during many years prior to the Independence War, Jews and Jewish organizations acquired from Arabs by legitimate purchase a very significant amount of land. However, Dr. Grobman’s analysis does not address at all what Said and others, both Arab and Israeli, were—and are to this day—really claiming. That is, the taking of Arab land during and after the War of Independence.

I hope The Jewish Link will give Dr. Grobman the opportunity to refute the real accusation.

Paul R. Herman
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