Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The last issue of The Jewish Link (July 15, 2021) had a few unrelated items that caught my eye (“Poll: 25% of American Jewish Voters believe Israel Is an Apartheid State,” “Analysis Falls Short,” to mention only the first two). These items came on the eve of the fast of Tisha B’Av.

Israel did whatever it could to not fall into the trap of apartheid. It did give the non-Jews full rights, and as history progressed, these full rights manifested themselves more and more in all circles of life, including, lately, the political power arena, where the minority government relies on the support of an Arab party.

This fact would not help with those 25% of Jewish voters because their thinking is warped around the current racist fad of “whites are bad, people of color are good,” and they want to belong to what they consider in their warped minds to be the “righteous” side of what they consider to be moral. So much so, that a few years back, one of their ilk, an Israeli leftist, wrote a master’s thesis in which she accused the Israelis of being racists by, hear it, not performing atrocities against the Palestinians.

And as for the issue of stolen land, Israel offered many times to negotiate and resolve all opposing claims, Arab lands that may have been confiscated, Jewish property that was confiscated in Arab countries and so on and pay monetary compensation. These offers went nowhere, because the real racists and apartheid lovers are the Arabs. Remember, the Palestinians are the ones that do not accept the legitimacy of any Jew who came to Israel after 1917; they are the ones that punish anybody who sells land to Jews by death.

Conclusion: The Israelis are right, and they are the ones who are fighting against racist and apartheid entity.

Oh, and one more point. Historically, these 25% percent of Jewish voters are extremely dangerous. It was this type of people in Europe who the Nazis used to man the infamous Judenrat and the concentration camp kapos who collaborated with them.

Ze’ev Atlas
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