Monday, January 24, 2022

I was happy to see such a lovely article in last week’s Jewish Link detailing the amazing birthday surprise for Dr. David A. Zomick (“David Zomick Marks 80th With Special ‘Megilla’,” August 5, 2021). I noticed, however, that Black Box PAC was accidentally referred to as Black Box Theater.

Black Box PAC is a wonderful, collaborative theater, located at 49 E. Palisade Ave. in Englewood. It’s currently one of the only performing arts centers in the area that is open, and has been open—in compliance with all CDC guidelines—since last summer.

Black Box PAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theater that offers workshops for children, teens and adults in improvisation, script writing, acting and singing. In addition to the collaborative teaching process, Black Box PAC also stages professional productions of well-known plays, as well as original works like “Megilla.” Black Box PAC is currently in the middle of their fourth annual professional run of “Shakespeare in the Park,” which is taking place at Overpeck Park in Leonia through August 29.

Working on “Megilla” was a truly special experience for us all. I, along with director and choreographer Leora Lerner, the cast, band and crew, send a big THANK YOU to the extended Zomick family, as well as to Black Box PAC, for trusting us to bring this show to life—especially at a time when live performances are so limited and treasured. We also wish a happy, happy birthday to Dr. David A. Zomick!

To learn more about Black Box PAC and all of the incredible work they do, please visit www.blackboxpac.com.

Esti Mellul
"Megilla" cast member & music director

Editors’ note: The Jewish Link apologizes for misstating the name of Black Box PAC.

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