Monday, January 24, 2022

Dear Mr. Kranz,

I very much appreciated your article last week (Summer Sustenance, August 12, 2021) which dealt with the very crucial issue of whether or not Lake Como Pizza or DJ’s Ice Cream (it’s a kri u’ksiv, by the way) would be relevant in a year-round Jewish community. Well, it is my pleasure to inform you (and the readership of JLNJ) that Lake Como Pizza does indeed operate year-round, in Manhattan, as you suggested in your article, and (ironically enough) is pictured alongside it! The true debate over this (and as a camp-near-Lake-Como veteran, I can verify the vociferous-ness of this debate) is whether or not the pizza from the New York and Pennsylvania locations tastes different. I am of the opinion that due to the lower density of the air in Lake Como (despite the fact that the New York location is in Washington Heights), the pizza does indeed taste different. How about that for a final thought?

DJ (yeah that’s actually my name!) W.

A self-proclaimed expert nudnik
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