Monday, October 18, 2021

Regarding the objection to my recent article on the potential benefits of children wearing masks by a letter writer (“Against Children Wearing Masks” September 15, 2021), I have a simple response. People are entitled to their opinions but not to their facts. I know this is a contentious debate, but based on medical and scientific evidence, the state of New Jersey (and others) have mandated masks in all classrooms; it is the law. As long as it must be done, I tried to share some research to demonstrate the upside to a difficult situation. In an era of hyper-personalized media where it becomes a challenge to distinguish between facts, interpretation, opinions and misinformation, an open and transparent discourse that considers all the information is necessary. Instead of criticizing The Link, they are to be commended for trying to find a silver lining in the COVID cloud.

Dr. Wallace Greene
Fair Lawn
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