Tuesday, November 30, 2021

With the upcoming Teaneck board of education elections, I am urging all Teaneck residents to vote for Laura “Laurie” Fein (line 4) and Rachel Secemski (line 5) for the Teaneck board of education.

I have known Laurie for many years and have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a number of projects and school-related activities when our daughters were classmates. Laurie works extremely hard, going above and beyond on every initiative she takes on, and brings high levels of energy and passion to her work. Laurie’s background, coupled with her desire to ensure Teaneck’s children, parents and taxpayers receive excellence in public education makes her the ideal candidate.

Since March of last year, I’ve witnessed firsthand the effect that the COVID pandemic has had on our community. While many suffered on different levels, our children, especially those that were unable to return to in-person learning, suffered greatly.

Rachel Secemski, aside from her professional role working on the front lines through the pandemic, saw how Teaneck’s public schools were not able to fully support our children with what they needed to succeed. Her own family was left to feel abandoned and unsupported, with Teaneck’s schools remaining closed while the private schools opened to in-person learning. Rachel’s vision includes seeing our public schools as a valuable resource for the entire community, because when our schools succeed, so does Teaneck. Rachel’s personal experiences and ability to speak for and represent those that are invested in our schools but don’t have a voice make her the ideal candidate.

We can’t drive the change that is needed without bringing in new people with fresh ideas, different backgrounds and the ability to bring the community together instead of the status quo, which continues to tear us apart.

Get out and vote for 4 & 5—Fein and Secemski!

Eric M. Orgen
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