Friday, January 28, 2022

Over the last few weeks Governor Murphy has visited several Jewish communities where he has been received with open arms. Many organizations such as the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce are openly endorsing him. Agudah’s main point man in New Jersey is openly rooting for Murphy.


Granted, Murphy did do some things for the Jewish people of New Jersey. He arranged for security camera funding for schools, and endorsed the boycott of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

However, Murphy is also the guy whose record on nursing home COVID deaths rivals that of Governor Cuomo. Murphy issued the same executive order as Cuomo requiring nursing homes to take in sick patients.

This order led to the deaths of thousands of nursing home patients. Are we really going to trade this for a couple of crumbs? What if it was your grandmother?

Avi Yankelewitz, Esq.
Rockland and Toms River

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