Thursday, January 20, 2022

A recent issue of The Jewish Link featured a dvar Torah written by Rabbi Doron Perez, executive chairman of World Mizrachi (“The Champion of Justice,” December 23, 2021). The message, written about Moshe and his empathy for the suffering of his people, ends with contrasting clauses. For example, “… to bring empathy where there is suffering, healing where there is pain…” For those who are familiar with the writings of the Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, zt”l, this will sound most familiar. The dvar ends with the prayer that we “heal a fractured world.” This is the very title of one of Rabbi Sacks’ most eloquent works.

The works of Rabbi Sacks are a legacy he left behind which will inspire the generations. While you can read his weekly thoughts on the parsha in The Jewish Link, I would urge the readers to own some of the rabbi’s works. They will provide an intellectual feast.

Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld
Fair Lawn
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