Thursday, June 30, 2022

This is in regard to a “StoryWalk” at Sagamore Park, created by the Teaneck Library ostensibly to promote diversity and inclusion.

While teaching children to be tolerant is a noble endeavor, the latest “StoryWalk” presents the children’s book “Julian is a Mermaid.” “It is about a young boy who wishes to be a beautiful, flowy-haired, swishy-tailed (female) mermaid,” as described by Amazon Books.

“The significance of Julian’s desire to become a mermaid has led the book to be considered LGBTQ+ literature.” (Space for LGBTQ+ Children in Jessica Love’s Julian is a Mermaid” by Jessica Bumgarner, p. 2)

As this children’s book promotes the idea that small children can change their sex, it encourages a radical gender ideology that sexualizes young children.

In the name of diversity and inclusion, the Teaneck Public Library and the Teaneck Parks Department are inadvertently advocating a radical agenda by presenting a story that teaches that innocent young children can change their sex, and that such a transformation is admirable and even beautiful. The Library and Parks Department should remove the Sagamore Park display, which unintentionally foments confusion among young children and puts them at great risk in today’s world.

Rosalie Greenberg
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