Thursday, August 11, 2022

On Shabbat Hagadol, CareOne at Teaneck finally opened their shul for the first time since early March of 2020 under the leadership of their new rabbi, Rabbi Michael Belgrade. The Shabbat minyan got off to a slow start, but over time more community members started to attend. At times, getting a minyan was still difficult but after meeting with the local rabbis of the six closest shuls, they agreed to reach out to their constituents. A letter was written to the community with the goal of getting five community members to sign up every week for Friday Mincha/Maariv and Shabbat Shacharit.

The first week of this new initiative was the July 4th weekend, which even before the pandemic was a difficult weekend for CareOne at Teaneck to get a minyan. Thankfully, Friday night, July 1, over 20 people from the community came to the minyan, including Rabbi Fridman, Rabbi Krohn, and Rabbi Ciment. Shabbat morning and Mincha/Maariv Shabbat afternoon had very good attendance as well. This is all thanks to the support of the six local rabbis.

Please continue to support CareOne at Teaneck’s minyanim by signing up via the Google Doc or joining the CareOne at Teaneck Minyan WhatsApp group. If you would like the link to the Google Doc or would like to join the WhatsApp group, please email [email protected]

CareOne at Teaneck would like to express our tremendous hakarat hatov to the following six rabbis and their communities for their continued support of our Shabbat minyanim:

Rabbi Aharon Ciment, Arzei Darom
Rabbi Daniel Feldman, Ohr Saadya
Rabbi Daniel Fridman, Jewish Center of Teaneck
Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, Netivot Shalom
Rabbi Beni Krohn, Young Israel of Teaneck
Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, Beth Aaron
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