Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Last week I wrote about this 18-year agunah problem with the hope that readers might offer some creative suggestions for a solution and resolution (“Agunah Loopholes,” July 28, 2022). In turn this might help the many rabbis working on this case to be relieved of their responsibility.

As is often the case, there is no one right or wrong side to this particular case.

Obviously if the husband, Meir Kin, would give his wife, Lonna Ralbag, the get the rabbis are demanding, the case would be concluded.

The rabbis have put Meir in cherem but he has apparently found significant loopholes in the halacha process, and the actions of the rabbis have only made him more angry and he has hardened his position.

A suggestion has been made by one of you that I find most positive. It is based upon the principle of following the method of Aharon Kohen Gadol in seeking peace, pursuing peace.

This suggestion calls upon the rabbis to remove the cherem and to permit Meir to return completely to the community. It is hoped that peace between these two parties (not love) will result. I have asked Lonna to respond to this approach in a letter to The Jewish Link, and I await her response.

At this time I again ask you, the readers. for additional ideas.

In the spirit of Tisha B’av, may peace reign supreme.

Rabbi Simcha A. Green
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