Friday, October 07, 2022

In the previous two issues of The Jewish Link I alerted readers to the serious case of a woman waiting more than 18 years to receive her Jewish divorce papers, known as a get. I invited you, the readers, to make suggestions as to how to resolve this shanda.

Last week I realized that while I am very familiar with this woman and her family, I did not know enough about the husband’s side of this dispute. I asked Google for additional information and discovered many postings by the husband. You can do the same by typing in “Rabbi Israel Meir Kin.”

I was very impressed by the personal messages he has posted for several years outlining his halachic position. While I disagree with him, I do really respect his explanations. In this case we are seeking a way to convince him that the proper thing to do is to be less angry and to permit Lonna Ralbag to no longer be considered an agunah after these 18 years.

Meir Kin lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have reached out to the board of rabbis in Las Vegas and have asked them to assist us in this case. Consider how wonderful it would be if this group of non-Orthodox rabbis might be able to resolve this situation, thereby relieving the rabbonim involved of their responsibility.

I am awaiting a response from this board of rabbis. I continue to request your input and suggestions.

Rabbi Simcha A. Green


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