Monday, September 26, 2022

The Orthodox rabbis helping Lonna Ralbag receive her get from Meir Kin these past several years have put him in cherem. He has responded to their charge by saying that he indeed did issue a get several years ago at an Orthodox court in Monsey, and received from that court the permission to remarry, which he has done, and he now works and resides in Los Vegas. The rabbis helping Lonna do not accept this court and therefore consider Lonna an agunah.

A few years ago Lonna appeared before the international beit din and presented her case. They did due diligence and research. Following that they issued a decision that in effect permits Lonna to remarry and no longer be considered an agunah. The rabbis helping Lonna do not accept the works of the international beit din.

Last week The Jewish Link published a wonderful letter from Ruby Kaplan, a close friend of Lonna, supporting her and making note of the international beit din. We have asked several people to reach out to Lonna and to request that she too write a letter to The Link explaining how she views her current status.

Rabbi Simcha Green
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