Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Early voting has begun for an important Democratic primary election, which will determine whether incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman will continue to represent the 16th New York Congressional District. Bowman does not represent the values and interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens in the district, let alone likely any readers of The Jewish Link. He is one of a handful of the most far left, extreme members of Congress, a member of “the squad” and a self-declared Democratic Socialist. He joined fellow squad member Talib’s Resolution calling on the U.S. to recognize Nakba (a Palestinian day of mourning calling the creation of Israel a “catastrophe”) and supports defunding the police.

Bowman would lose this election except that two other candidates are running against him, and by splitting the anti-Bowman vote he could win with a plurality. To prevent that, those who don’t want Bowman to represent us anymore have to vote—and to rally behind either Vedat Gashi or Catherine Parker. I urge you to vote for Gashi for several reasons.

First, Gashi is far better qualified to do the job than Parker. As Congresswoman Nita Lowey said when she endorsed him, “Vedat is smart, experienced and hard working. He shares my values and priorities.” In addition to Congresswoman Lowey, he has been endorsed by Congressman Eliot Engel and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, among many others. These politicians are among the strongest supporters Israel ever had. If that’s their view, then sign me up!

Second, he has a much better chance of beating Bowman than Parker. He has raised more money than Bowman and vastly more than Parker so he had the funding to make a strong push in the last weeks of the campaign.

Third, I had the privilege of spending last Shabbos morning with him at my synagogue. His story as a Kosovo immigrant to the U.S. is inspiring. His love of Israel is genuine—and predates his run for office. And if there was any doubt left over, his young daughter told me she met Governor Hochul who asked her if she wanted to be governor. His daughter responded, “No, I want to be president.” That sealed the deal. I look forward to endorsing her in about 30 years as well.

Every vote counts. Ilhan Omar won her recent primary by only 2,500 votes. Get out to vote in early voting now or on Election Day, August 23. And please vote for Vedat Gashi.

Stanley Bernstein
New Rochelle
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