Thursday, March 23, 2023

Last month, the United States of America, the greatest, most charitable, most benevolent and most successful country the world has ever known, took another major step in its sad change in the past 20 months from a historically benevolent country to one of malevolence.

The Department of “Justice” led an invasion into the living and working quarters of our former president based on “information” which our country is not privy to, in a continual attempt at intimidating and falsely accusing President Trump and his many supporters of crimes and wrongdoing that have not occurred.

It is not surprising that members of the Democratic Party cannot discern that a break-in at the home of the most influential opposition leader is a threat to our great democracy, or that such tactics could be used against them by a future administration as our nation descends into chaos and dictatorial rule.

The only possible justification for the government’s raid is national security. Yet the bogus claims of Russia collusion, fabricated FISA warrants and other phony accusations against the former president leave us extremely skeptical regarding any allegations that this administration may proclaim.

The Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee strongly condemns the egregious raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, and will not stand by, even as numerous national leaders, most media and purported defenders of civil liberties have refused to utter a word in protest, against this gross violation of justice.

In contrast to our left-wing opponents, we will use only democratic and peaceful means, culminating in an outpouring of overwhelming electoral support for our town, county and congressional candidates on Nov. 8.

Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee
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