Thursday, March 23, 2023

As I pass by so many Jewish homes in Teaneck, I see "Josh Gottheimer" lawn signs and barely any Pallotta signs. Why is this?

Probably because Gottheimer has cultivated this image of being a moderate. Perhaps compared with some other Democrats in Congress he is. But he has cast most of his votes affirming the current agenda of the Democratic Congress, including the most radical and anti-Semitic members.

Gottheimer needs to be judged by his voting record, not the appealing words or sweet smile he wears because he seems to believe he can fool his constituents. He has voted for every major bill engineered by this administration resulting in skyrocketing prices on commodities and products we use every day, endangering us by allowing virtually anyone to cross our borders and enter our country, and one whose focus is on protecting criminals instead of their defenseless victims.

Moreover, there are countless other bills with provisions hidden in them whose consequences are hurting you and me. Gottheimer has voted for virtually all of this.

Gottheimer is no moderate. He cannot be if he has voted in favor of this Democratic Party agenda which is also damaging the minds of our children in school, as it seeks to remove parental control. I believe most parents send their children to school to learn, not to be indoctrinated. This radical transformation of our country threatens each and every resident of Bergen County. And it quietly seeks to harm Israel as well. Included in that is attempting to reinstate the JCPOA (Iran deal negotiated by the Obama administration) and cozying up to Israel's most virulent enemies.

The poisonous rhetoric emanating from the Democratic Party and this administration which is not only declaring Donald Trump an enemy of the state but his 75 million voters as well should scare every citizen in the country. In the United States of America we do not transform our political differences into direct threats to our opponents.

Therefore we all must do everything possible to repudiate the goals and aims of this administration, many of which are endorsed and supported by Gottheimer. It is beyond frightening that so many are not aware of the danger we all face from many sectors of our current government. Can it get even worse? We hope not, but it is sadly reminiscent of earlier periods in Jewish history. No, history doesn't exactly repeat itself, but it certainly can rhyme.

A vote for Gottheimer is a green light for him and his party to continue on this path to uproot our way of life that has served us so well for many years. We can push back by sending Gottheimer and the Democratic Party a loud and clear message: "We've had enough and won't take it anymore." Please consider all this and remove your "Josh" signs from your front lawn. And most importantly, vote for Frank Pallotta for Congress.

David Hes
Member of Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee
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