Monday, March 27, 2023

I am the chairman of the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee. We are a branch of the Bergen County Republican Organization.

As we all know there is a very important election coming up on November 8, which will determine the makeup of the United States Congress, the offices of the Bergen County Executive and the Commissioners, and the Teaneck Board of Education. The election will determine the future and  freedom of our nation, county and town.

Since the beginning of the Biden Administration, the nation has been suffering from high inflation directly from the result of their policies. The Biden Administration launched policies hostile to fossil fuel production, causing high gasoline prices and shortages of oil and natural gas. This will eventually lead to a lack of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, etc. And in the middle of an inflationary cycle instigated by this administration, the Democrats added more and more irresponsible spending. 

The southern border is completely out of control. Five million illegals are said to have crossed into our country over the last two years. Included among them are drug cartels (causing a fentanyl crisis), sex  traffickers, terrorists, criminals and COVID-infected individuals. The Biden Administration has been  trafficking these unfortunate individuals across the nation, including Bergen County, putting strains on  our hospitals, schools and housing infrastructure.

Locally the pro-criminal cashless bail policies of Democrats have led to a great uptick in crime in the New York City Metropolitan Area, of which we are a part. Pro-criminal district attorneys fail to press charges against the most villainous lawbreakers. And in our schools, in defiance of parents, sexually inappropriate material is being introduced to our children, and Critical Race Theory, a doctrine that turns people of different  races against each other is being “taught.” COVID-19 policies closing down our schools have put our children behind the learning curve.

This is just a partial list of all that has befallen us in the last two years. However, we have the solution: Vote Republican. Every single one of our Republican candidates have vowed to reverse all these self-destructive policies and return our nation, county and town to peace, safety and prosperity.

In New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, our candidate is Frank Pallotta. 


Our candidate for Bergen County Executive is Todd Caliguire. www.Todd4Bergen.org

Our candidates for Bergen County Commissioner are Deidre Paul, Ronald Lin and Doug Holden. Facebook: Deidre.Paul, RonaldLinUSA, Holden4Commissioner

Our candidates for the Teaneck Board of Education are Gnesha Shain and Michael Reich.

We invite all to explore the links and websites we have provided regarding our candidates.

Let’s stop the radical left insanity and vote Republican on November 8! 

Calman Greenberg
Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Chair
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