Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I don’t recall where I heard this story, but its message is powerful and can change one’s perspective on life. There was a certain rich individual who wanted to help Orthodox individuals out. At one point, he was by the Kotel in Jerusalem being led by someone who was helping him in his cause to help the needy. All of a sudden, this rich man saw a Yerushalmi chasid crying and pouring his heart out to God. The rich man turned to the guide and said that he thought he found someone worthy of giving money to.

The guide led the chasid to the rich man and the rich man said that he wanted to help. The chasid replied to the rich man that he didn’t understand. The chasid explained that he married off his last child and that he was experiencing such nirvana over having God take care of all his needs, that he felt he had to cry out to God in utter joy. This rich man was dumbfounded. How can such happiness be experienced by someone who seems to be in dire straits and in need of a contribution? We should praise God every moment for what we have and then perhaps we can be given more.

Raphael Sod
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