Saturday, April 01, 2023

The juxtaposition of a Chanukah menorah opposite a Nazi flag in Keil, Germany in pre-Holocaust era in the 1930s is very eerie but real.

Chanukah 5783 may now be over but our triumph for freedom and survival still lives on.

So far, we as a whole survived Yetziat Mitzrayim

So far, we as a whole survived the destruction of both our Beitei Hamikdash

So far, we as a whole survived the Holocaust.......enduring utter destruction

So far, we as a whole survived the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948

So far, we as a whole survived the unification of Jerusalem in 1967

So far, we as a whole survived the covid pandemic in 2001.....sorry I included this but it was challenging

So far, we as a whole survived Chanukah 5783

Has Chanukah ended? The challenges it symbolizes continue in the midst of escalating worldwide antisemitism and hatred in the 21st century. We continue our journey of perseverance with eyes wide open every step of the way.

Miracle of miracles, the Menorah survived the atrocities of the most horrific times in modern history, and lo and behold, today the president of Germany invited the rightful owner to light the first Chanukah candle r in Kiel. Current times do include obvious consolations and obliteration attempts of German history, along with laws that have been promulgated prohibiting the denial of the Holocaust. Does that mean we let our guard down? The scenario still depicts warnings of delusion and irony that persist in haunting us with the realization of other possible future episodes of hatred.

We will continue to endure, as history has taught us, but with constant tragedies and casualties. So, let’s focus on the light in the midst of darkness and never forget! With Hashem orchestrating the world and its struggles, we will survive! B’ez”H, we look forward to Chanukah 5784 to illuminate our lives all over again.

Ruby Kaplan

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