Thursday, March 30, 2023

Rav Kahn changed my life. He took an Orthodox girl from public school with imposter syndrome and showed her that she could have expertise in Halacha. Every new semester I would wait with bated breath for the class lists to come out at Drisha to see what he would be teaching—although it did not really matter—I always signed up for his class. He would take a topic and bring us everything. I still hold so much detailed knowledge from his classes. Rabbi Kahn dedicated his life to teaching women high level Gemara and Halacha—he was a gadol hador and changed the learning lives of so many young women. He chose to work in a world that others thought of as secondary and celebrated it—and we (women) all knew it. We knew from him that our learning was of the utmost importance. May we be zoche in his memory to continue to pass on his legacy to the generations to come.

Rebeccah Appelbaum
Teaneck by way of Rochester, New York
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