Thursday, March 30, 2023

I have received several emails and phone calls from concerned Bergenfield residents about a new Bergen County emergency ambulance service that was formed to provide backup coverage to Bergen County towns when they aren’t able to staff their ambulances. While the Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. (BVAC) fully supports this initiative by the Bergen County government, Bergenfield residents can rest assured that we are not one of those Bergen County municipalities with coverage problems. Bergenfield has caring, compassionate, frum volunteers ready to respond 24/7/365 to emergencies (average response time was 3:20 in 2022). Like Bergen Hatzalah, the new Bergen County EMS is a valuable supplement to EMS coverage in many of the towns that need it. We are fortunate that, in Bergenfield, we are zoche to already have an excellent team of volunteers at BVAC with the endorsement and strong support of our local rabbanim.

Medical emergency in Bergenfield? Call 9-1-1 for BVAC. Want to join or support our outstanding team? Visit www.bergenfieldambulance.org.

Ryan Shell, chief
Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.
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