Wednesday, May 25, 2022

To the Editor:

After decades of lethal attacks on our fellow Jews, someone has finally spoken out and shouted “enough!” In essence, he issues a wake-up call to all of us that we need to start considering stronger measures that might serve to deter our enemies and save Jewish lives.

The reaction? So-called leaders of Jewish organizations, whose very existence is to try to ensure safety for Jews, distance themselves from his opinions and in some cases openly condemn them as “hideous.” So it seems to these leaders that just wringing our hands and going through the ritual of expressing our deep regret at the latest slaughter of Jews suffices. To feel bad about a situation does nothing to change it.

Rabbi Pruzansky has opened a window. It is time for Jewish leaders here and in Israel to follow him and his demonstration of Ahavas Yisroel and begin to consider proactive measures. Perhaps not necessarily all of those he suggested, but putting in place laws that will make the Sonei Yisroel think twice before embarking on their next mission to kill Jews.

I give Rabbi Pruzansky the Hakaras Hatov he richly deserves and strongly request that those who want to continue to mouth platitudes refrain from publicly expressing their demonstrably useless opinions on the propriety of his musings.

David Hes

To the Editor:

This is not a letter to defend Rabbi Pruzansky as he does not need me to defend him. But in all the criticism I have read about his “radical” solution what is conspicuously absent is any alternative solution that could end over 20 years of terror and senseless death since Israel entered into a “peace” process. Though the Oslo Accords were doomed to failure from the day they were signed for whatever reason many have been wearing rose colored glasses in thinking there can be peace with a people that are devoted to the destruction of the Jewish people. Every seemingly rational solution has resulted in disastrous failure. Negotiating with Arafat-Failure. Giving into to almost all their demands-Failure. Pulling out of Gaza-failure. And now ignoring the problem in hope that it will just go away is proving to be just as disastrous. We as Jews are obligated to show compassion for all people but we as Jews are not obligated to dig our own graves. And after 20 years of digging graves perhaps a more “radical” solution needs to be considered. And after removing the rose colored glasses perhaps the solution suggested by Rabbi Pruzansky is not so radical after all.

Harvey Schatz


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